Platform Fees

The Mero protocol charges performance fees (for yield aggregation) and Action fees (for liquidity delegation). The collection and distribution of these fees is broken down as follows:

Performance Fee

A performance fee is charged on strategy profits. The performance fee is split between:

  • The strategist that created the strategy

  • Mero governance token stakers

  • Vault reserve - this is an emergency pool of funds that will be accessed if a strategy makes a significant loss

There will be no performance fees charged during capped launch.

Action Fee

When an action is performed successfully a small fee is charged on the liquidity that is delegated. For example, when a collateral top-up is performed by the top-up Action, a small fee is charged on the top up amount.

The charged fee amount is split between:

  • Liquidity providers of the Mero pool from which the LP token was used for action (e.g. if liquidity from the Mero DAI pool is used, then Mero DAI LPs would receive this fee).

  • Mero governance token stakers

  • The keeper that executed the action

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