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Mero is a trustless reactive liquidity protocol where users can earn yield and register Actions with their liquidity. Mero delegates liquidity to where it is the most efficient by deploying novel multi-utility liquidity pools, yield-farming strategies, off-chain bots (keepers), and customizable Actions.

Any user can deposit assets into a Mero liquidity pool to earn yield. Furthermore, users can make their liquidity reactive by registering their Mero LP tokens to Actions. Registered LP tokens continue to earn yield and Mero rewards until user-defined conditions are met and liquidity is sent to where it is needed.

Introduction to Mero
  • What is reactive liquidity? Reactive liquidity is liquidity that is autonomously delegated to where it is the most efficient based on user-defined variables and market conditions.

  • How do LPs earn yield? Liquidity providers on Mero earn yield from yield-farming strategies and platform fees. All generated yield is aggregated or compounded in the native pool asset.

  • Does Mero have a governance token? A Mero governance token does not exist at this point. The token, along with a governance mechanism, will be deployed after mainnet launch.

  • Do I have to register an Action to use Mero? No. Users can provide liquidity solely to earn yield and rewards. However, static-liquidity providers can still benefit from Actions through the accrual of Action fees.

  • What are Mero Keepers? Mero Keepers are off-chain bots that earn fees and rewards for executing Actions. Information on becoming a Mero Keeper can be found here.

  • How do Mero collateral top-ups work? Mero collateral top-ups prevent liquidations (and increase the safety of loans) by autonomously delegating registered Mero liquidity to a collateralized loan when user-defined variables are met. Learn more here.



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