Mero governance token distribution is designed to incentivize key protocol stakeholders and facilitate participation in protocol governance. The stakeholders included in distribution are:

  • Liquidity Providers (LPs)

  • Keepers

  • AMM Liquidity Providers

THERE IS NO MERO GOVERNANCE TOKEN YET! This page will be updated with extensive token information following token launch.

Reward Distributions

Mero LPs

  • Mero liquidity providers receive Mero governance tokens in proportion to the share of total liquidity they supply to a pool. Each pool is assigned a specific pool weight which determines the amount of inflation the pools receives. Pool weights can be adjusted via governance once the Mero governance token is launched.

Mero Keepers

  • Mero Keepers receive Mero governance tokens. The number of tokens a keeper receives is calculated once per week. These Mero governance tokens can be withdrawn immediately after they are available.

Mero AMM LPs

  • Providers of Mero governance token liquidity on selected automated market makers can receive Mero token rewards by staking their AMM LP tokens in the Mero AMM Gauge via the Mero website.

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